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Paintless Dent Repair Training

We can Teach you to become a competant PDR technician and offer a basic and advanced coarse.

1. Basic coarse 2 Weeks £1995 +VAT

Beginner PDR Training

This course provides a full introduction to the PDR skill and should ensure all participants gain enough knowledge and practical experience to repair ordinary dents.

  • Tool selection

  • Reading the reflection

  • Locating the tip

  • Removing a small shallow dent

  • PDR Hammer and tap down

  • Golf ball sized dent removal

  • Restricted access tools

  • Body line/swage line dents

  • Crease and door dents

  • Vehicle access points + trim removal

  • Glue pulling dent removal

2. Advanced 4 Weeks £3995 +VAT

(If taken as 2 week coarse £2000 +VAT)

Advanced PDR Training

The advanced course is for technicians that have completed the beginners PDR course or have relevant past experience and want to develop their skills to the higher level. On completing the course technicians should be able to repair the majority of dents presented without paint damage.

  • Sharp dent repairs

  • Larger dent repairs

  • Working on an actual vehicle

  • Crown work

  • Large creases

  • Advanced glue pulling

  • Restricted access dents

  • Certificate of compedance

  • Free ongoing advice

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